Author Shelly Munoz and Vegan Chef John Merlino

May 04, 2019 Shelly A. Munoz and John Merlino

Living your dream and overcoming obstacles make you beautiful, inside and out. 

In Episode #3, we get to hear from 2 amazing people that will inspire you to reach for the stars and your dreams!

Shelly Munoz is an award-winning educator, writer and actor. She has a new book “The Journey of the DragonFly” and a new movie out…so make sure to join us to hear her brave story. 

John Merlino is an accomplished chef in all genres, and a business owner of Soul Solutions. He has a great new vegan/gluten free option for everyone so that we can eat healthier, while making it easier for the busy lifestyle! @thesoulpatty

We will learn:
*How to make any meal easier and healthier
*How we can add Soul back into our meals together
*Great recipes for a quick and healthy meal
*Quick, easy, and yummy food options for your family

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