The Secret to Skin Health and Healing with Angela Bravo

May 13, 2019 Angela Bravo

Angela, Master Esthetician and Transpersonal Energy Practitioner

Angela has been offering customized facials in Toluca Lake for 20 plus years. She describes herself as a light worker.  She acts as both a therapist and Esthetician.  Her holistic approach to treating the skin starts with treating the “whole” body and mind.  Sessions can include energy work (Intuitive touch), and massage on scalp & facial pressure points to help bring clients to a “child like” state: “Your mind isn’t racing–you’re at peace.” She utilizes customized facial treatments using (Microdermabrasion) and Dr. Grandel Skincare which aids in rejuvenation. 
Energy healing is also part of what Angela and OC Skin Secrets provides, which means something different to everyone. It could be Spirituality, Nature, Math, Music, etc. The invitation is to ask yourself “What is it for me?” What does it take to feel vital and to feel the life force running through my veins. When you become out of sync we are not in harmony with all the aspects of ourselves.  The secret to health and well-being is a combination of body/mind counseling and hands-on intuitive healing. The hands-on healing helps to balance, support and relax the chakra and nervous systems. When these systems are relaxed, the body can start to heal itself. 

Angela works via email, Skype, FaceTime and in person, to heal your skin and body. Mention Beauty Call and receive a FREE consultation. 

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Angela, Master Esthetician and Transpersonal Energy Practitioner

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