Chronological age? It’s just a number! Feel and look your best NOW with Dr. Sheila

May 20, 2019 Dr. Sheila Hughes

Dr. Sheila Hughes, who refers to herself as a “reformed yo-yo dieter,” has a better design for releasing weight. She originally honed her skills as a family practice physician with 28 years of experience in a location she affectionately refers to as “Carbohydrate Heaven,” surrounded by Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Sonic, and of course, McDonald’s! Dr. Hughes is a graduate of Temple Medical School in Philadelphia, with medical training at the University of Maryland Hospital and The Medical Center in Columbus, Georgia. After doing building a successful weight management business in Beverly Hills and Century City for MediZone, she now has her own private practice exclusive to weight management and wellness in the city of Brentwood, Ca.

Areas of Expertise Include: 

  • Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance
  • Bio-idential Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • SmartLipo
  • BodyFx
  • Botox

Dr. Hughes has helped over 5,000 patients achieve their weight loss goals.

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