Overcoming Opioid Addiction and say YES to health and happiness!

June 12, 2019 Nicole Gearing, Mrs. Premier World 2018

Nicole Gearing is an International Beauty Queen, gorgeous, and married with 3 beautiful children. She has a glorious and blessed life. However, underneath all of the glitz and glam, there was pain and addiction. Nicole shares her story of success and overcoming addition so she can be as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Today, we will talk about:

1. Avoid chronic negative people.

2. Have firm and clear boundaries in all of your relationships with people.

3. Have clear and honest dialogue with everyone.
    Don’t be afraid to communicate openly about how you feel.

4. Disconnect from someone who is negative and refuses to take personal responsibility.
    TIME OUTS are very heathy and healing.

Self care is a must:

1. Do not isolate, know the difference between self care and isolation.

2. Allowing time to clear your head is good, reading, taking a class, taking up a hobby, praying, listening to God’s direction! 
    Outdoor activities are very healthy and essential.

3. Staying indoors or in bed all day is isolation and can be harmful unless you are sick.

4. It is okay to take care of our mental health.  It is important to see a counselor if you feel you are stuck in a situation with no solution.
    There is nothing wrong with reaching out at any time.

5. I really suggest a support group such as Celebrate Recovery.  Support groups are designed to be a safe place to share what is on your heart and also be heard while developing a new set of tools to cope.

6. Surround yourself with people who value what you say and feel.

7. Diet and exercise are so important for our mental heath.  We tend to take that fact for granted.  Getting enough rest is also important; you know your body, listen to it.

8. Practice loving on you and not being so hard on yourself, laugh and don’t take things to serious.  Life is short, enjoy every moment.

9. Have a conversation with God.  It is a life changer! It reduces stress and gives continual strength.

10. Have more fun, laugh often.


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