Beauty has NO limitations! Terri Bunch gives us tips & tricks on how she navigates the natural occurrences in aging in order to stay young and healthy!

July 08, 2019 Terri Bunch

Terri Bunch is a pageant director, producer, coach, mentor and  judge as well as decades long competitor and a former titleholder in the Miss and Mrs divisions. Terri is the founder and Executive Director of the Miss Greater Southern California Pageant, a regional title which allows their titleholder to select a state or national pageant to advance to. The pageant is inclusive to young women of all ages (17 and up), sizes and ethnicities, as she believes beauty has no limitations. Terri is an event coordinator at her husbands’ off road business and in her free time, loves water skiing, SCUBA diving and travel. She has been married to her husband, Jason, for 34 years and has two adult daughters, Taryn and Brittany, and a son in law, Robin.

What will you hear about on this episode:

*Being at your best at 40, 50, 60 and beyond! As we age, we get to know ourselves so much better! We are more fearless, more secure and if we stay ‘current’ and continue to grow, these years really are the best.

*How old is ‘too old’ to compete in pageants? 

*Swimsuit Competition or no Swimsuit Competition? This debate rages on in the pageant world. I have my own feelings about it and there really is no right or wrong answer.

*Feminism in 2019–what does this mean? Have we really come that far? Does sexism still hold us back?

*Overcoming inevitable challenges as we age.How do we navigate the natural occurrences in aging in order to stay young and healthy?

Terri’s Low Cal Shake off the pound smoothie:
16 oz UNSWEETENED cashew milk ( almond milk is ok too, as long as it’s the 25 calories per serving type);
1 scoop Muscle Milk protein powder, any flavor – IMPORTANT- 1 scoop is not one serving- 2 scoops are one serving- use just one scoop.
*Two tablespoons each golden flax seeds and chia seeds ( you can get these often at your regular grocery but also any nutritional market and also on Amazon)
*One handful goji berries ( you can get these on Amazon or any nutritional grocery market- we recommend the Terrasoul brand of goji berries)
*Add up to 14 ice cubes, slowly, in the blender until it reaches the thickness you prefer. 
The shake has approximately 350 calories and 25-30 grams of protein.

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