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August 26, 2019 Dawn Rodrigues

Dawn Rodrigues has many titles, but the most important to her are those of: wife, mother, friend, sister, and daughter. 

She is a Southern California resident and native born Californian who spent her formative years in Phoenix, AZ.  She is the wife of over 25 years to her husband, Mark and mother to their 3 adult children; Justice, Vanessa and Spencer.

Wearing many hats, Dawn is also the director of the North Los Angeles County GRG Network (GRG NoLA) a women’s networking group founded on the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, and is one of the three founding members of Women Elevating Women, an advisory support group that encourages greatness in young women’s lives; from image, to finance, to her specialty- courage and resilience. She is a corporate flight attendant by trade, which allows her to travel and experience new people and places- two of her favorite things to do, aside from knitting, exercising, gardening, organizing and cooking. 

Dawn is a long time pageant participant, who has competed successfully in several pageant systems including Miss National Teenager, Miss U.S. Teen, Ms. Petite America, Royal American Miss, Miss America, Miss USA, Mrs. America and Mrs. United States.

 A survivor of relentless bullying and emotional abuse from both family members and peers during her childhood, early adulthood and by way of cyber bullying in her adult life, Dawn has found the path to happiness and success in life through the strength of her convictions, support from outside “Angels”, and her firm belief in helping others by sharing her experience, advisement and story. 

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