Beauty is not limited by your past! Overcoming your past and live your BEST Life with Nadia Sahari

October 14, 2019 Nadia Sahari

As a child, Nadia Sahari was abused by her immigrant family. Then she married an abuser. But Nadia had big dreams no one could kill. Nadia has been a successful entrepreneur and belly dancer and today she is an actress, author, radio host, producer, and entrepreneur.

Nadia’s Story:
Breakaway: The Road To Freedom“ is Nadia Sahari’sremarkable true story of obstacles she overcame to become a success. Nadia was born in Lebanon. She immigrated with her parents to the United States at age two and grew up in the Detroit area. Besides being sexually abused at age five by her grandfather, she was repeatedly beaten by her father as a means to keep her from assimilating into the American culture. Her father feared if she associated with Americans she would lose her virginity; she was more valuable as a virgin so she could marry an Arab.

Nadia refused to conform to her parents’ rigid standards. At the age of seventeen, she was date raped and forced into an illegal abortion that nearly took her life. Desperate, she married a man who told her he loved her so much he would kill himself if he could not be with her. Without money, security, or a job, Nadia thought marriage would be her safety net. Little did she know she was going from Hell into Hades. Her husband repeatedly abused her. When she wouldn’t give him money to buy alcohol, he tossed out her children’s food and said, “If I can’t have my beer, they can’t eat. Refusing to see her children mistreated, Nadia threw him out.

Throughout the years of abuse, Nadia held onto her dreams. Since age ten, she had wanted to be an actress. She credits that dream with her survival because it allowed her to escape reality. After twenty years of abuse, she found the strength to make that dream her reality. To support her children, she became a creative businesswoman. Soon she was attending acting school and had become a headliner belly dancer. She even appeared as a guest panelist on the Oprah Show. Today she is focusing on studying film so she can create documentaries. She is a member of Screen Actors Guild and After and has two movies coming out this year. She also has a very successful podcast, The Nadia Sahari Show, and a Youtube series. Please check out Nadia at:

twitter: nadiasahari

instagram: NadiaSahari_official 




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