Life, beauty, and travel tips from Celebrity Writer and Talk Show Host, Debra Kennedy!

November 12, 2019 Debra Kennedy

Enjoy this great show with celebrity Talk Show Host, Beauty Expert and Lifestyle Editor, Debra Kennedy. She is a true beauty Queen, with tips and tricks to not only add to your beauty routine, but sound advice on being happy, upbeat, loving and giving back to others. You will learn how to manifest joy and love, as well as helpful beauty advice. 

Debra’s story:

Debra is a former Mrs. NC America, Mrs. NC United States,Mrs. North Carolina International and Mrs. World Elite, Commercial and Print Model with Evolution Talent Agency and is the host and producer of The Debra Kennedy Show which is a Lifestyle Talk Show that airs on Saturday nights at 9:30 PM on TV ACCESS 21.   She is a regular on Charlotte Today, Fox Good Day Charlotte and WBBT Rising as a Lifestyle Expert where she shares her “fabulous finds” and “Secret Weapons” on the morning shows.  She is also a writer and is a columnist for Luxe Lifestyle Magazine with her in demand articles, “CONFESSIONS of a Lifestyle Connoisseur”

Debra shares tantalizing tales that will intrigue and delight you. 

Debra’s spitfire personality and ability to relate to others makes her a popular public speaker, Event Judge and Host.  Debra believes what you give in life is what you get in return.  

She is on the Advisory board for Best Buddies Gala and Membership Director for Workplace First. 

 Fun Fact about Debra: She has graced the cover of two magazines and currently has items on the menu of two local restaurants.

How to reach Deb, watch her show and read her articles on love, life and experience, go to:
Debra Kennedy Show

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