Work, Life, Balance with Elevate Your 8 Podcast Host, Kris McPeak

November 19, 2019 Kris McPeak

You CAN have it all – work, life, love, creativity, family, well….all the things! Kris McPeak is an expert on creating life balance so that you are elevating your lifestyle and NOT working all the time.

Today you will learn more tips and tricks from me, Janice McQueen, as well as hear from my fellow podcast host, Kris….this is a MUST listen , if you want advice on how to do it all.

About Kris:
Kris McPeak is an author, educator, and podcaster who has spent 25 years working in higher education.  By day she works in the development office of a community college; and on the side she hosts the Elevate Your 8 Podcast, runs a US Masters Swim Team with her hubby, and coaches professional women seeking their dream job or more advanced job satisfaction.  When she’s not working, podcasting, or running the team, Kris enjoys swimming (she’s a mad breaststroker), knitting, and binge watching dark TV shows.  Kris lives in Los Angeles with her hubby Charles and furry-baby Duke.

Check out Kris, as she has a great website and can help you with your resume, job satisfaction and more! Her books and podcast are linked to her website, and I highly recommend her advice!

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