CBD – is it right for you? Actress and Podcast Host Suzy Hardy shares the facts, the healing qualities and HOW CBD works!

December 03, 2019 Suzy Hardy

Spoiler alert – CBD is a natural way to heal your skin, body and soul! A must listen!

What you will learn:
What is CBD?
How does it differ from THC?
How does it heal our skin and body?
How does it work for anti-aging and sun damage?
What makes certain CBDs different from others?
Which type of CBD is the best to use? And which is not the best to use?
and SO much more!

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About Suzy:
Suzy Hardy is a healer at heart, believing that the body can heal itself if given what it needs. At just 16 years old, she learned firsthand that western doctors didn’t always have the answers. When a cheerleading accident left her in debilatating pain and doctors could not help, she turned to alternative medicene to find relief and it changed her world foerver. In conjunction with her mother’s passed down knowledge of nutrition, Suzy forged a strong faith in her own body’s ability to heal itself.

While pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles, after attending UC Berkeley to attain her BA in Psychology, she became a certified massage therapist and energy healer and had a thriving practice for over a decade, where she helped hundreds of clients feel better through her bodywork. Along the way, Suzy became the co-host of the Food Heals Podcast with Allison Melody in 2015, utilizing her voiceover and improv skills in conjunction with healing background, to spread the word about natural health.

The perennial entrepreneur, that same year she cofounded CBD Fountain, a hemp beauty and wellness company, with her husband Michael. She developed her first product, for that same injury from high school: an organic body lotion with hemp CBD mixed in, to relieve her own pain. When it worked better than any other topical she had tried, she gave it to friends and clients with other physical pain. When their pain was also relieved, she did her research and a business was born. Two years later, they moved from Los Angeles to Oregon, the Hemp “mecca” of the US to grow their business. They extract their own CBD oil to control their process from “soil to oil” and put it into organic, vegan products: tinctures, lotions, salves, vape pens, soaps, capsules, gummies, lip balm, pet products and facial care. Suzy crafts each product herself to meet her very high personal standards and every product she creates has a story and and purpose.

All CBD Fountain producsts are organic when possible, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, and certifed cruelty-free.

Fun fact: when she’s not promoting natural healing through CBD, Suzy is a writer, perfomer and voiceover actor, and co-host at the Food Heals Podcast, where she engages in inspiring conversations about the healing benefits of proper nutrition.

You can reach Suzy on Facebook and Instagram @cbdfountain or email her at info@cbdfountain.com
Make sure to visit her site here, to see her many beauty and holistic heal products. 

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