Happy New Year’s Eve and Cheers to a New YOU, New Decade!

December 31, 2019 Janice McQueen Ward

Happy New Year’s Eve from Beauty Call Podcast and Janice McQueen. Enjoy this bonus episode with my friends, Sheila Hughes and CarolAnn Tutera, as we talk about diet, health, beauty, and the frustrations/joy of aging. Episode is courtesy of the podcast show “Adventures in Aging” with CarolAnn Tutera (thank you!)

I will be back in the New Year on Monday, January 6th and will bring new and exciting episodes on sex, aging, beauty tips, pageantry, and more….filled with laughter and love.

Make sure to set intentions for the New Year and the new decade, as YOU are the most beautiful person! YOU are the reason I do this podcast and I am inspired by each of you every day.

I hope you will continue to listen, and support me by subscribing and sharing with others.

Love you and blessings in the New Year!

Janice McQueen-Ward
Beauty Call Podcast

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Janice McQueen