Pageantry and Beauty Secrets shared by Wendi Russo, TV Host, Media and Pageant Coach!

January 13, 2020 Wendi Russo

Have you ever entered a Pageant and thought, what next??? You thought you could just do well because you are pretty, or have a talent, or because the Director contacted you. NO! You cannot just enter a pageant or achieve a dream without help along the way. Why? Because winning a crown is something more than walking on a stage, being authentic or buying a dress. It is an EXPENSIVE industry to just try…you need to work toward a dream. Having someone mentor you and be an ally is so important, especially at the beginning or if you are entering a new decade or category of competing.

You will learn how Wendi became successful and how she takes that knowledge to help others succeed. Wendi also shares her secret to being beautiful at 50+ and how her style helps others gain a job, hosting gig, or a pageant crown!

About Wendi:
Wendi Russo has been a Television Host in the Home Shopping Industry for 16 years, presenting everything from the latest beauty gadget to jewelry, fashion, accessories to electronics and home products.  She uses her gift of selling anything in 4 minutes or less as an interview coach, helping job hunters land the job and pageant contestants win the crown!  Wendi has had much success as a pageant coach after winning Mrs MN America, Mrs MN United States, Mrs United Nations, Mrs Premier World and Mrs Royalty International.  She has coached many National and state winners from systems like National American Miss, Miss USA, Mrs America, United States Pageants, Miss America and a multitude of other pageant systems where she coaches all ages in interview, stage work, platform development, paperwork and how to communicate like a winner.  In her free time Wendi enjoys Feeling like A fairy godmother as a Wish Granter with Make-A-Wish for children with long-term illnesses.

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