How to travel well and maintain a beauty and fitness schedule -the road to health and beauty begins with learning to love and take care of you!

February 17, 2020 Tamar Medford

The Road to Health Podcast Host, Tamar Medford, shares her successes in losing 75 lbs! Food and Nutrition equates to BEAUTY, inside and out!

What you will learn:

  • Routines on the road as well as at home to create consistency
  • Strategies I use in terms of nutrition on the road. 

– Fasting

– Calorie cycling etc. 

  • The importance of working out on the road. 

Tamar started her journey back in 2012 when she lost a total of 75 lbs and turned her life around after hitting her bottom. She wanted to put the life of self-indulgence and instant gratification behind her. As she started to build a better life for herself, she also started to struggle with keeping the weight off and being consistent in the areas of exercise and healthy eating. Early in 2019, Tamar decided that she needed to build a support network and develop some better and more consistent habits to avoid falling back into her old ways again and that is when she was introduced to podcasts. A year later Tamar met some of the top influencers within the health and wellness industry and now has a team of coaches that work with her to develop a healthier lifestyle. Her role in Outside Sales can make staying healthy a lot more difficult so she’s decided to share her journey through The Road to Health Podcast, and hopes to inspire others to want to take their own journey towards a better life.


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