Make your home Toxin FREE! The Toxin Terminator shares how to eliminate the risks!

March 10, 2020

Aimee Carlson is the Toxin Terminator and she will help us remove TOXINS from our home. This will help us be healthier and happier, and more beautiful.

You will learn how to remove toxins in your home and in your beauty products.
You will learn what the major offenders are in your home.
How these toxins affect you over time.

About Aimee:
Aimee struggled most of her adult life with chronic illness, from severe migraines and headaches to reproductive issues that led to a full hysterectomy at the age of 38 and very bizarre symptoms along the way.  Working over 30 years in the automotive industry she was exposed to an extraordinary amount of toxins.  Not only that, but the lifestyle as a franchise owner/operator was extremely toxic and what she was using in her home all played a role in how her body was responding to it’s environment.  It wasn’t until she was in midlife, dealing with over 12 years of the wonderful symptoms of menopause that she finally woke up.  The doctors kept prescribing more medications and kept telling Aimee that she was under stress, but offering no solutions!  And then an accidental opportunity  yielded the best discoveries of her life.  She has spent the last seven years improving her health naturally, removing toxins from her life and empowering families to do the same.  Aimee no longer struggles with the health issues that kept her from feeling her best.  She believes that for renewed wellness and to live without chronic disease we must be aware of what we are putting IN our bodies and ON our bodies. 

Aimee started her podcast, The Toxin Terminator, to be able to bring a message of hope.  Today, one in two adults struggle with a chronic disease. 

How to reach Aimee and get your FREE toxin free resources and guides!

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