Sexy, Fit Ella Magers shares how adding plant-powered foods will boost your immune system and keep you SEXY during Covid-19 days

March 25, 2020

Ella Magers of Sexy Fit Vegan

Are you Vegan curious? Now is a good time to add veggies and fruits to your diet to boost your immune system.

Ella Magers will make you want to try the vegan lifestyle, as she is a Sexy, Fit Vegan for sure!  With 24 years as an ethical vegan under her belt, Sexy Fit Vegan® founder Ella Magers, MSW strives to empower people to build a plant-strong body, mind, and spirit for life.  
Ella’s passion for veganism and fitness led the way for her to win first place in the bikini division at the FAME Fitness World Championships. Ella is a published author and speaker, and she earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work to further her coaching skills.
After healing from her own struggles with disordered eating, Ella developed the Plant-Empowered Coaching Program to help people align their actions with their values, develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies, and create a joyful and meaningful vegan life they love.

Today’s episode will cover:

– Ella’s “going vegan story”

– Aligning your actions with your values (what are your true values and how can you live a life in line with those values so you can look back without regret)

– Why happiness is NOT on the other side of weight loss (and why it’s actually the other way around)  and the story of how I’m living proof, and how I overcame disordered eating and a distorted body image that was rooted in shame

– Why you can’t outrun your fork

– Healing the world begins with healing ourselves

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IG: @sexyfitvegan

FREE Master Class: How to Adopt a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle and Lose Weight as the Side Effect 

Beauty is MORE than skin deep, so boost your immunity with plant-powered foods and daily vitamins and supplements. Most can be found at the pharmacy and better grocery stores.
Vitamin C – I prefer sublingual sprays, but on the go I like to use NUUN
Vitamin D – I prefer liquid drops and this is SO important to aid your immunity

Thank you for your support. I love you all!

Janice McQueen