How to have faith over fear during the Covid-19 scare.

March 27th, 2020

Welcome Beauty Call Podcast family. Today I interviewed some great sisters in God, and we will each be sharing our thoughts on how to best cope and flourish during this time, and to have faith, not fear.  

Welcome to our Faith Panel:

Mary Susan Reed – a Christian Songstress with an extensive background in live performance. 

Carol Ann Lafferty – an Event Production Specialist and Child of God 

Jana David – a Musician, Physical Therapist and always the life of the party

Angela Kellum – the founder of Changing Crowns Ministries

Katheryn Levin – a musician, mother, grandmother, singer and a pretty darn good cook

Lora East – singer, ordained minister, and serves as the Associate Pastor of Brentwood Presbyterian church in Los Angeles, CA

And myself – musician, wife, mom, actress, and your Podcast Host

Things seem to be changing on a daily basis, and of course it is easy to get concerned or thrown off of your routine, and to feel unbalanced, a sense of sadness, depressed and even mad at God. I am hoping that our conversations today can help you feel a sense of peace and love, as I LOVE you!

What we will discuss: 

1) How has the corona virus most affected your life? 

2) How are you coping, using your FAITH? 

3) How can we make God a priority in our life during this time and always?

God Bless

Janice McQueen