Learn the SECRETS to living a healthier, happier life while navigating through Covid-19!

March 29th, 2020

Allison Melody is the Host of Food Heals Podcast, and yes Food can HEAL, food is sexy, and so are veggies!! Yes, you CAN reverse the signs of aging, and also boost your health and wellness with healthy eating. And guess what? It is time to double down on your health and wellness. Covid-19 is here and we have to boost our immune system and take better care of ourselves and others! How can you boost your immune system? Eat more holistic, plant-powered foods and take those vitamins and supplements, meditate, exercise and rest! It sounds so easy, but you and I know that it isn’t. But we can do better by just adding more veggies, fruits and Vitamin C, D, K, Zinc, Colioidal Silver  – check out the links that Allison suggests here: covid-19 resources

Allison Melody, host of The Food Heals Podcast and owner of Melody Productions, is an eco–entrepreneur with a passion for film, fitness and food. Through her podcast, she brings together experts in nutrition and healing to teach listeners the best-kept natural secrets to health and happiness. For the past eleven years, Allison has also directed, produced and edited documentary films, PSA’s, commercials and viral videos for clients on the topics of social justice, human rights and holistic health.

The topics she addresses through her work are powerful and heart-centered and focus on Holistic Health, Social Justice, Human Rights and Animal Rights. They reflect her passion for creating positive change in people and the communities they serve.

At the age of 26, Allison endured the devastating loss of both her parents to cancer after long and challenging battles. Witnessing her mother and father suffer so intensely and needlessly from a cure that brought more pain than the disease, Allison soon dedicated her life to finding a better way to heal. She watched in disbelief as doctors prescribed drug after drug, observed her parents’ hair fall out, their rapidly aging faces, and their exceedingly diminishing vitality. The tragedy instilled in her an unwavering passion for nutritional medicine, and propelled her into the world of holistic health and alternative healing. Allison’s firm commitment to natural health is further evidenced by her achievement of a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology.

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Food Heals: Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Stories to Nourish Your Soul and Transform Your Health

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