Covid-19 Health Podcast: Overcoming chronic illness and advocating for your health!


April 03, 2020

In this episode we talk about how Khristee Rich overcame her chronic illness and how she became a  holistic healer. She will give us some great tips and tricks, especially welcomed during this time of Covid-19.

About Khristee:

Khristee Rich is a holistic healer, clairvoyant, empath, medium, and owner of The Dancing Curtain, a healthy lifestyle business. Khristee encourages her clients to overcome chronic illness naturally, easily, and joyfully, to speak their truth, to stop hiding, and to shine! Khristee is currently writing her first book, a book about childbirth around the world and has recently launched a new blog about childbirth around the world, Mum’s The Word: Mothers Speaking Out About Childbirth Around The World. Khristee overcame her own chronic illness and is now a big supporter of female empowerment, natural remedies, and holistic health and wellness. 

You will learn:

  • What is holistic health and wellness 
  • Importance of detoxifying our livers
  • Importance of getting to the root cause in illness and taking a holistic approach 
  • Why it is so important for women to prioritize healing and self-care
  • Why she is writing a book about childbirth around the world
  • Female empowerment- why it is so important right now 
  • Her Blog: Mum’s The Word: Mothers Speaking Out About Childbirth Around The World 

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To reach Khristee

Janice McQueen