Overcoming childhood trauma and a 15 year eating disorder…from trauma to triumph!

Me and my mommy

It is the ONE year anniversary of Beauty Call Podcast. My show was born from a desire to help others share their story! 

Now that I have 60 episodes under my belt, it is finally time to share my deepest secret and trauma. It took me 40 years to tell this story! Although it isn’t sharing all of the steps leading to healing…I am saving that for my book…it is the biggest part of the story. 

I hope you will understand the why behind my telling this story, as it was the last step in my journey to being healed, well and happy. 

Wishing you love, health and happiness. Share your truth and cherish the ones you love. 

Thank you to all the friends that loved me along the way….and still do! Love YOU!

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Janice McQueen