Surviving a near fatal car crash, Tracy Lynn Rodgers shares her story of living TODAY!

Tracy Lynn Rodgers is honored to speak today on her platform, “Your Tomorrow Starts Today.”  Tracy was involved in a devastating car accident back in 2011 where she broke over 22 bones.  Over the next 3 years, she had over 29 surgery sites, to help her learn to walk, and regain function of her arms, legs, neck, and back.  Through this journey, she has learned that adverse events or circumstances do not define you. 

Tracy is an entrepreneur, owning a Legal Nurse Consulting Business, is a published author, has had the opportunity to walk a national pageant stage; winning the title of Ms. America International 2017, where she spent the next year traveling the country, sharing her message of hope and inspiration.  Tracy currently sits as a wound care specialist and expert witness where she testifies in nursing home and medical malpractice cases.  She is a board-certified wound care and diabetic wound care specialist; also working as a national wound instructor.  Tracy is a well-seasoned pageant coach, where she has had the pleasure of judging, coaching, and assisting women in their pageant journeys.  Tracy has turned out hundreds of local, state, and national title holders and believes that a pageant is won in interview.  

Tracy has 2 amazing sons, Derrick and Damon, and one darling daughter-in-law, Karlee.  Tracy attributes her success to an amazing friend and family support group, strong work ethic, and feels very blessed every day, by the grace of God, to share her message.

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Janice McQueen