Dawnell DeRubeis chooses wellness over anxiety…


Learn how to heal from your past and say YES to wellness!

Dawnel DeRubeis is no stranger to the pageant world, having started her career at the young age of 14.  She has held titles from the first-ever Miss Teen Santa Clarita Valley to Mrs. California and first runner up at Mrs. US Universal just a few years ago.  Throughout her pageant career, Dawnel feels so honored to have been given the opportunity to volunteer thousands of hours with various organizations including the Michael Hoefflin Foundation, Domestic Violence centers, 2020Mom, and many others.  She also credits her experience in the pageant world with lighting her fire for motivational speaking and that love extends into what she does today.  She has also aligned herself as a volunteer with an organization that speaks to her own story and has given her the chance to become a volunteer educator working with junior highs and high schools.  Dawnel believes the stigma will be shattered and true change in the number of lives lost to suicide will come with more and more people becoming educated and understanding the connection between mental wellness and suicide.  She often says, “there is no shame in my game” and she wants to guide people to a place where they can embrace who they are, what their story was, but to know that they can be so much more than what their story says. She is also the chair for the Out of the Darkness Campus Walk that takes place in Valencia each year.  The walk will be in the 3rd year in 2021 and she is proud to say the first two years not only met but exceeded the fundraising goals set by the national office.  
Today, Dawnel is a certified health and life coach with an emphasis on mindset and mental wellness.  She says that her heart and life purpose is to help others create a life where they are thriving and truly living in their most authentic self.  Becoming certified was a natural step in her own healing journey after spending many years exploring ways to build her own wellness toolkit.  Her toolkit as she lovingly names it, helps her live with depression and anxiety in a healthy way.  In a way that brings clarity, a sense of calm, and a true sense of what being happy can be.  The newest tool she has added also brought her to become a wellness partner with a company that offers all-natural/holistic solutions for people that want to live their best life.  To be better than just good.  
Dawnel is also proud of the wine business she is building alongside her husband of 17 years, continues to support and run the business side of her husband’s art career, all why being Mom to two amazing kids.  Her daughter is going to be entering high school and is all things creative staying busy with singing, acting, piano, and of course friends.  Her son who is 10 is as most kids, loving the time with video games now that school is out for summer but also enjoys building his drum skills along with a few other instruments he is exploring. You can say the DeRubeis house is full of creative people! As a family, they enjoy traveling and creating new experiences and memories together.  

How to reach Dawnel:

Facebook: @DawnelDerubeis
Instagram: @queenderubeis

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