Janice McQueen-Ward is a TV Host, Actress, and Pageant Coach. She won her first pageant at 17, and went on to win over 10 major titles, most notably, Mrs. United States. During her reign, she was a guest of President Clinton and the White House, and made over 200 appearances on behalf of Lung Health and Wellness.

“I am a firm believer in saying yes to opportunities, creating step-by-step goals for your dreams, and allowing yourself to celebrate the small victories along the way.”

Janice McQueen-Ward, Magic Image Hollywood Magazine

Having battled a 15 + year eating disorder, Janice overcame her food addiction by adopting a plant-powered lifestyle. She now shares the healing powers of food, health, and a holistic way of approaching life. Her unique ability to be vulnerable and to help others find their authentic voice is one of her passions and purpose. 

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2001, Janice has guest-starred on many TV shows, been a celebrity guest host on QVC, a beauty and fashion expert on Shop HQ, and has starred in many national commercials and infomercials.

In addition to being a Pageant and Life Coach, and Actress, Janice is a Beauty Expert and Host for Beauty Call Podcast.

Janice McQueen