Janice’s Top 5 Beauty Tips

#1 Rest

Sleep well & take time for yourself (massage, meditation, and downtime). This is such an important part of the skin’s renewal and regeneration process. I take time each day to meditate for about 5 minutes. My favorite meditation and way to take control of my fast-paced life is Marisa Imon’s Time God Revolution and Pilo’s Ambient Meditation Music

#2 Exercise

Taking time to exercise and stay fit is a big part of staying young and fit. You don’t have to overdo it, but make sure to do something each day, or at least 4 x/week. I recommend finding a place of community, such as a local gym or exercise group, but if on the road and traveling a lot, I also love YogaWorks as they have Yoga for all levels and you can sign up just for the online yoga (I am SO a beginner.

#3 Skin Care

I believe in taking care of your skin, and the best products can be easily found in your local drugstore, Amazon and online. I have a few favorites that I CANNOT live without: Cetaphil Skin Cleanser, Micelar Water, Vitamin C, SkinCeuticals, and Supergoop Sunscreen. Click to see some of my favorite things.

I also have a new FAVORITE skin care…Furtuna Skin is ground-breaking and it aids in anti-aging and skin resilience. Check it out here, and you will not be sorry. My favorite is the face and eye serum PORTE PER LA VITALITÀ.

#4 You are what you eat!

Yes, you must eat well, drink plenty of H2O, and cut back sugar, dairy, caffeine and alcohol….I know, NO fun right?

But if you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to supplement the fun foods, you will look and feel amazing! To help you along the way, I suggest reading: Food Heals

Also, if you love cooking and want a simple way to increase your meal’s flavor, and nutritional value, follow my friend Carrots Restaurant, and Soul Solutions, as there are so many yummy ways to make fun foods at home.

#5 Beauty Products & Makeup

What you put on your face, even after you cleanse, moisturize and prep is SO very important. You want cruelty-free, paraban free and products that will enhance your beauty, not hurt your skin.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup day-to-day, but I cannot live without my Dior Eyebrow Pencil,  Jamye Shaw Cosmetic’s V-Eye-P Eye Cream #2 Concealer, and the Lasting Lip lip stain and matching lip pencil. YUMMMY looking.

Janice McQueen